Donald Trump’s idiot lawyers have turned against each other

Donald Trump promised that if he won the election, he’d only hire the best people. Instead he’s seemingly hired the worst people he could find: the most unsuited, the most corrupt, and the most inept. He’s saved the worst hires of all for his own legal team tasked with protecting him in the Russia scandal, which consists of a cast of characters who would be considered too unrealistic to play cartoonish sidekicks on a sitcom. Now they’re angrily turning against each other.

The feuding within Trump’s legal team has found its focal point between Don McGahn and Ty Cobb, who were both technically hired as White House employees, but who have both acted as de facto Trump attorneys in the Russia scandal. The trouble between them began when Cobb made a series of allegations about McGahn while sitting in a restaurant. The conversation was randomly overheard by a New York Times reporter (link), and let’s just say things got ugly from there. McGahn got word of what Cobb had accused him of, and it resulted in McGahn taking Cobb’s head off.

The two attorneys have been pushing incompatible legal strategies for how Donald Trump should approach Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and instead of meeting in the middle, they’re trying to destroy each other. Cobb is accusing McGahn of having spies in the White House. McGahn had John Kelly reprimand Cobb for the restaurant incident.

Donald Trump has a long and consistent history of hiring people he knows are unqualified and unsuitable for their jobs, based solely on his belief that they’ll be personally loyal to him. That’s resulted in numerous inept advisers resigning in disgrace during his relatively brief time in the White House. Now it turns out Trump has swung and missed on at least one, or possibly both, of the people he’s entrusted to get him off the hook in the Russia scandal. Which one will he fire first?

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