Republican insider: Donald Trump’s impeachment is a lot closer than you think

From the day Donald Trump took office, Palmer Report has consistently pointed out that there was a threshold at which the Republican Congress would selfishly and strategically choose to oust him for its own benefit. The only question all along has been whether or not that threshold would be reached. Now one Republican insider says that the threshold for the GOP impeaching Trump is a lot closer than you think.

Longtime Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, a frequent television news commentator, appeared on ABC’s This Week over the weekend and explained why “we’re closer to impeachment now than we think.” His logic is simple: the Republican Congress knows that if it sticks with Trump, it’ll likely lose the majority in the midterms, and the Democrats will then immediately begin impeachment hearings against Trump. Thus the GOP is better off ousting Trump now, in the hope of not getting beat as badly in the midterms, because Trump is a goner anyway.

Castellanos isn’t merely floating an idle theory. He’s long been well connected to the Republican Party, and it’s unlikely he’d be publicly saying something like this unless he’s hearing it from his Republican contacts in Congress. There are some within the Resistance who have spent all year insisting that the Republican Congress won’t move against Trump no matter what he does, but this view represents a complete misunderstanding of how politics works.

The GOP has woken up every day since inauguration and looked at Donald Trump’s approval rating and other backlash factors before determining how to approach Trump that day. Although his approval rating is holding steady in the mid to low thirties, that will change as more evidence of his Trump-Russia guilt comes out. He’s already lost a dozen points off his approval rating since January, disproving the popular myth that “Trump’s supporters won’t abandon him no matter what.” The threshold for the GOP impeaching Trump has always been there. We’re finally approaching it, and even party operatives know it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report