Donald Trump caught in one of his most idiotic lies yet

Donald Trump lies nearly every time he opens his mouth. He lies so often, it’s headline news when he – presumably by pure coincidence – tells the truth. He lies so often, he even lies when the truth would make him look better. He makes up bizarre lies for no apparent reason. So it’s not surprising that he told a blatant lie on Christmas Day that’s already been proven to indeed be a lie. It’s just that it’s such a weird thing to lie about.

Here’s what Trump tweeted on the evening of Christmas Day: “I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, then tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again (which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)!” So what exactly did he do to get “back to work” on December 26th? According to his official schedule released in the White House pool report, Trump had literally nothing on his work schedule today. Instead he hung out at a golf resort.

Again, it’s not remotely surprising to see Trump caught in yet another lie. It’s not even all that surprising that his own people outed his lie by posting an empty schedule for the day. What’s weird is that no one was really expecting Trump to go back to work the day after Christmas. Lots of people take vacations during Christmas week. So why on earth would Trump go out of his way to falsely claim that he was going to be working on December 26th, when no one had even asked him, and no one even cared? It actually does point to something that may be enlightening.

Donald Trump has proven himself to be the most aloof person in the history of the U.S. Presidency. He has no desire to do the job. He puts no effort into it. His words regularly give away that he doesn’t even know or understand what the job is. Considering all of this, it’s entirely possible that when Trump claimed on Christmas Day that he was going “back to work” the next day, he had no idea that nothing was on his schedule. He’s also proven himself so senile that even if he was told he had an empty schedule, he may not have been able to hang onto that information.