Howard Dean: based on new evidence, Russia may have installed Donald Trump with “falsified votes”

Back in November, I conducted an in-depth look at the vote totals in the swing states that Donald Trump shockingly won, and I came away with the distinct impression that they didn’t look like naturally occurring numbers. The trouble: I could only demonstrate that the voting results looked falsified, not that they had been falsified. But based on new evidence, a major Democratic Party figure believes those vote totals may have indeed been falsified by Russian hackers.

It started when Time Magazine published new evidence that Russian hackers altered voter data, in an in-depth must-read article (link). The key quote from the article: “Congressional investigators are probing whether any of this stolen private information made its way to the Trump campaign.” This led former Vermont Governor and former DNC Chair Howard Dean to chime in.

Governor Dean’s assessment: “This is much more serious than previous information. This opens the door to the idea that Trump may have won with falsified votes” (link). This distinction is crucial. Up to now, the Trump-Russia investigation has centered around the role that Russian hackers played in accessing voter data, and allegedly informing the Trump campaign as to which voters and states it should target with its campaign efforts – thus using illegal tactics to convince people to vote in a certain manner. But now we’re talking about Russian hackers having actually changed people’s votes without their knowledge.

As I pointed out last year, from a strictly mathematical standpoint, the results in most swing states ranged from overwhelmingly unlikely to impossible. The odds were infinitesimal of Trump conveniently winning every swing state he needed, even while badly losing the overall popular vote nationwide (akin to a football team scoring no touchdowns but winning by scoring ten safeties). It was even more suspicious that he won every one of those swing states by the same one percent of the vote, just enough to avoid an automatic recount. If this new evidence ends up proving Russian hackers did change people’s votes, then Donald Trump was not elected President of the United States.

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