Steve Bannon completely loses it in new interview and starts babbling about hobbits

Just days after Steve Bannon’s candidate Ed Gillespie got wiped out in the Virginia race for Governor, as part of a nationwide anti-Trump blowback against the Republican Party, Bannon has rather inexplicably decided to grant a lengthy interview to the New York Times. We say “inexplicably” because he ought to be hiding in shame right now, and because the interview reveals that he’s in – shall we say – a remarkably bad place.

Here’s an actual quote from Steve Bannon about Mitch McConnell: “I don’t know if he’s the chief offender, but he’s — he’s the — he.” That’s it. That was the end of his sentence. Everyone stumbles from time to time while answering questions out loud, but this was more or less par for the course for the conversation. While trying to explain away the humiliating loss of his candidate Ed Gillespie, Bannon stated that “Gillespie’s not a guy that’s particularly, you know, excites me.” Elsewhere he stumbled “this is the thing — I — I tried in — in the — the stories of Breitbart.”

This of course isn’t the first time in which Bannon, who has long been portrayed as a mysterious mastermind pulling Donald Trump’s strings from the shadows, has given an interview which revealed him to be something rather the opposite. Shortly after Bannon stupidly got himself run out of Trump’s White House, he gave an interview to 60 Minutes. Bannon didn’t exactly sound bright in that interview either. This time, however, he sounds almost as if he’s completely cracked. At one point Bannon rambled “It’s about 25, all grass-roots, all representing the hobbits.” His words in the previous and subsequent sentences provide no clues as why he’s talking about hobbits.

Here’s an actual Steve Bannon quote from the New York Times interview in question: “I think it’s, I think it’s, I think it’s nonsense. I think it’s nonsense.” For once, we agree with him. If he weren’t Steve Bannon, we’d almost be tempted to feel sorry for him. Read the interview for yourself.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report