Hey Donald Trump, your Russian bots are malfunctioning again

Last night Donald Trump got some bad news in the New Hampshire Republican primary. His challenger Bill Weld received around 12,000 votes, suggesting that there’s a very real anti-Trump sentiment among Republican voters. Of course this was foreshadowed when the ceremonial opening round of New Hampshire voting in Dixville Notch saw Trump somehow lose the Republican primary to Mike Bloomberg, thanks to a write-in effort.

Of course this means that Donald Trump’s unhealthy obsession with Mike Bloomberg is stronger than ever. Apropos of nothing in particular, Trump announced last night that it was “A very bad night for Mini Mike!” Perhaps someone forgot to tell Trump that Bloomberg wasn’t even participating in the New Hampshire primary, and therefore couldn’t have had a “bad night.” But that didn’t stop some Trump fans from chiming in with their voices of support. For instance one – ahem – Trump fan named “Dragonking” replied with this:

Bloomberg is evil and he supports dictator. Also he conducted illegal things, and his criminal will to exposed to the light soon.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s a Russian bot, or some kind of bot. That’s not broken English. That’s the kind of mangled English you’d only see from a computerized algorithm. Is Donald Trump – or whoever is running this bot farm – expecting anyone to believe that tweets like this are somehow authentic?