Sean Hannity completely loses it on air after Trump-Russia arrests

Fox News host and Donald Trump sycophant Sean Hannity didn’t get the chance to respond to Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia criminal charges on-air on Friday night, because he was already scheduled to have the night off. Hannity finally got his chance on Monday night, by which time Mueller had already arrested multiple Trump advisers and announced that one of them had already flipped. Then it was Hannity’s turn to flip – and wow did he ever flip.

Sean Hannity is still leading the charge in pushing a fictional story about Hillary Clinton and Russian uranium, a fantasy which he helped invent as it became clear last week that Donald Trump was in desperate need of a distraction. When Hannity took to the air on Monday, he was in frantic meltdown mode. Not only was he demanding that something be done about Hillary Clinton, he flat out called her “President Clinton” – in what might have been a revealing Freudian slip when it comes to the illegitimacy of his pal Trump’s supposed election victory.

Earlier on Monday, it was revealed that former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos had pled guilty and confessed that he conspired with a Russian government representative on behalf of the campaign. This once and for all legally confirms that the Donald Trump campaign and the Russian government were indeed conspiring to collude to alter the outcome of the election. This points, finally, to the election result itself having been illegitimate. It’s long been widely suspected. This still isn’t proof. But it opens a Pandora’s Box which will now inevitably lead to proof that Hillary Clinton is the rightfully elected President of the United States.

So maybe Sean Hannity simply lost it on-air on Monday night during his crazed meltdown when he accidentally referred to Hillary Clinton as “President Clinton.” Or maybe it slipped out of his mouth because he knows deep down that Hillary is the President. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report