Gutless wonder

Remember back when Donald Trump put on a show of bullying bravado during the campaign, and some gullible people actually fell for it? Some folks actually thought this bloviating idiot would somehow be a strong leader if he managed to get into office. Of course people who live in the real world are well aware that these types are always weaklings and cowards just beneath the surface. Trump has been the weakest human to ever occupy the Oval Office. Now we’re learning just how profoundly weak he is.

Trump instructed the White House Counsel to illegally fire the Special Counsel. The White House Counsel refused to go along with it, so instead of taking matters into his own hands, Trump backed down. Trump instructed the FBI Director to illegally fire the FBI Deputy Director. Met once again with resistance from one of his own people, Trump backed down yet again. Trump told his people to illegally fire the Deputy Attorney General. His people pushed back yet again, so he dropped it.

Trump committed felony obstruction of justice simply by trying to fire these people. He could have written one such failed attempt as “I didn’t really mean it.” But this constitutes a pattern of obstruction and proves intent, meaning he’s guilty on all counts. So not only is he on the hook for having tried to sabotage the investigation into his crimes, he failed to sabotage it. Why? Because he’s a gutless wonder.

Donald Trump had no problem illegally firing people early on, such as the original FBI Director and Acting Attorney General. But once his own people started to get nervous about going any further down the obstruction rabbit hole with him, Trump simply gave up. Talk about a weak willed leader; Trump doesn’t even have the guts to get his villainy right.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report