“Guns For Everyone!”

The sit-down discussions, at face-value, seem like a good idea, but it is hard not to be skeptical when you consider that the gun industry is in the business of selling guns. Early in our marriage my wife would go to the local tire store to get her car inspected. The car, although in good condition, would fail.

“I need tires,” my wife would say. Every time. Donald Trump sat forward in his chair and pretended to listen. There weren’t any tears, but we could all see the wheels turning. Like a good soldier of the NRA, we heard his best idea. Armed teachers. Armed veterans. Armed janitors! Guns for everyone!!

Now it makes sense to talk about what we can do to make the changes necessary so that kids are free to be educated without being scared out of their minds, but is that possible if their English teacher is prancing around the room with guns in a holster like Hoss Cartwright? We will soon find out what the end result will be, but Trump’s big idea seems intent on solidifying his standing as a top salesman for the NRA.

Target Practice after school! God help us all! Thoughts & Prayers, indeed.

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