One day after huge Republican losses, the impeachment effort against Donald Trump gains steam in Congress

Last night the Republican Party suffered major, widespread and humiliating losses in elections across the country. The message from voters to the GOP was loud and clear: “Get rid of Donald Trump or we’ll keep punishing your party.” In what is not a coincidence, the impeachment effort against Trump gained steam in the House of Representatives today – and we might actually be looking at an impeachment vote.

Representative Al Green introduced articles of impeachment in the House earlier this year, but he ultimately opted not to force a vote on them. If the Democrats had forced a vote at the time, Trump would have survived it thanks to the Republicans, and he would have spun it as a major victory. The Democrats would have looked impotent, and it would have made it more difficult for them to successfully push for impeachment once it was more viable. But now Green says he’s going to force an impeachment vote soon after all – suggesting that the Democrats now think they may get some Republican votes.

Al Green announced today that he plans to force an impeachment vote in the House by Christmas, according to a Raw Story report (link). Now that the Republican Party has been shellacked in yesterday’s elections, and is seriously worried about the 2018 midterms, Green and the Democrats are testing the waters to see what kind of Republican support they can find for impeachment. Only around one-tenth of all Republicans in the House would have to join with the Democrats for impeachment hearings to begin.

House Republicans in moderate districts may now be looking to go into the 2018 midterm elections telling their constituents that they stand against Donald Trump – and the most surefire way to prove it is to vote for impeachment hearings to begin. After yesterday’s nationwide GOP wipeout, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some Republicans in Congress conclude that impeachment is their best bet for saving their own jobs.

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