Several people have been ghost-tweeting for Donald Trump. His attorney isn’t one of them.

If Donald Trump has one keen talent, it’s that whenever he gets caught doing something wrong or stupid or illegal, he figures out how to spin by lying in the precise opposite direction. The symmetry alone often creates enough confusion to muddy the waters. So after he posted a self incriminating tweet this weekend which was clearly never run past his attorneys, he tried to cover for it by claiming it was instead written by his attorney. That’s not the case. But plenty of his other tweets have been written by impersonators on his staff.

It’s long been clear that Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino is posting generic tweets to Trump’s account promoting his speeches and such. But other members of Trump’s team have taken various turns outright impersonating his crazed first-person tweets as well. For instance this summer we caught one of them purposely misspelling random words in an attempt at sounding like Trump. The trouble: they were the kind of words Trump doesn’t misspell.

More recently, another impersonator on Trump’s staff has been omitting necessary apostrophes in an attempt at mimicking Trump’s incoherent use of punctuation. But for whatever reason, the real Trump doesn’t have a problem with apostrophes. We’ve caught at least three distinct individuals ghost-tweeting for Trump over the past few months with increasing frequency. We can’t tell you who they are for sure, but it’s clear none of them are Trump.

To be clear, plenty of Donald Trump’s rants on Twitter are still really him, unless he’s found a ghostwriter who’s nailed the imitation too perfectly for us to crack. But the upshot is that Trump’s team has begun increasingly trying to impersonate him, presumably to create the appearance that he’s still putting up more of a fight than he is. The real Trump is in the process of giving up, and his staff is worried enough to take desperate measures. There’s just no way that an attorney ghost-tweeted any of this self incriminating nonsense for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report