Former staffer: Donald Trump is mentally ill

Donald Trump’s behavior during the campaign was erratic and disturbing at best, and now that he’s facing the stress of being an unpopular and scandal-laden “president,” his behavior has deteriorated much further. It’s led to widespread debates over what kind of mental or psychological problems Trump may be suffering from. But one of his own former staffers isn’t mincing words.

According to political insider Jon Cooper, “A former top Trump staffer (they worked side by side) says he’s sure Trump is mentally ill. Thinks he has MORE THAN ONE mental disorder!” (link). This former staffer is not identified by name, and it’s almost certain that the staffer in question is not a medical professional, so this is not some kind of official medical diagnosis. But it is the opinion of someone who has worked closely with Trump and has gotten to know him up close and personal. This comes amid rapidly mounting external evidence that Trump’s mental state is falling to pieces in real time.

In the past week alone, Donald Trump has used Twitter for everything from falsely accusing one reporter of bleeding from a facelift, to confessing to having tried to blackmail another reporter, to posting a video of himself punching a news outlet in the face, to posting a bizarre propaganda song in place of the National Anthem (link). This comes even as Trump wandered away from his own motorcade in mentally vacant fashion this week and had to be corralled by his staff (link), marking at least the third time Trump has blankly wandered off while he was supposed to be doing the job.

So when Donald Trump’s former staffer states the belief that Trump is “mentally ill” based on personal experiences with him, there’s a whole lot of visible evidence to back this up. Is it malignant narcissism, or senility, or sociopathy, or a combination therein? It’s why Trump needs to be forced into an examination by a mental health professional ASAP. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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