Michael Flynn is already ratting out Jared Kushner and others

Just five days after Michael Flynn revealed that he’s negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he’s already ratting out his former White House colleagues – and notably, the entire thing is playing out in public. The controversy centers around Flynn’s attempt at building nuclear power plants in the Middle East, which turns out to have involved some high profile Trump White House players as well.

Michael Flynn was forced to resign as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser in February, after the media exposed that Flynn had been secretly communicating with the Russian Ambassador about sanctions during the transition period. Since that time, it’s come to light that Flynn had also been attempting to negotiate a nuclear plant deal in the Middle East, as part of his unregistered work as a foreign agent. Now the Wall Street Journal (link) is suddenly reporting that Flynn continued to work on the plan after he was ousted, and he involved the likes of Jared Kushner and Thomas Barrack in that scheme.

What stands out here is the timing of this leak. This information could only have come from Michael Flynn. Either he’s leaking this to the media in order to prove to Robert Mueller that he has the goods to take down key Trump-Russia players and thus deserves a lenient deal, or Flynn has already privately given this info to Mueller, and Mueller is leaking it to try to scare the other players into cutting deals of their own.

In any case, the timing cannot be ignored. Just days after Michael Flynn decided to cut a deal which would require him to turn over incriminating information on bigger fish in Donald Trump’s White House, suddenly that trail of information is beginning to leak out to major news outlets. One way or the other, Flynn is already ratting out other Trump-Russia players. Look for more of these types of Flynn-originated leaks in the coming days.

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