Now we know why Michael Flynn’s brother and son both had meltdowns this week

On Tuesday, Palmer Report noted two strange and simultaneous occurrences within Michael Flynn’s family which, based on the timing, didn’t seem to be coincidental. Now the third proverbial shoe has dropped in the Flynn saga, which serves to provide more context as to what we’re seeing play out here. If anything, the situation between Flynn, his family, and Donald Trump may have just gotten even weirder – and it may have a huge impact on Trump’s fate in the Russia scandal.

It all began when Michael Flynn’s brother posted a tweet on December 26th, urging Trump to pardon Flynn. This tweet was quickly deleted, but it didn’t go unnoticed. On that same day Flynn’s son went nothing short of berserk on Twitter, tweeting and retweeting deranged conspiracy theories that were even further beyond the usual nonsense he posts. Suddenly, two of Flynn’s closest family members were losing their cool. Then the next day, Trump himself stepped to the plate, or rather his attorneys did.

One day after the Flynn family meltdown, the Washington Post reported that Trump’s lawyers are planning to launch a smear campaign against Michael Flynn (link). This kind of story could only truly have been given to the media by Trump’s attorneys themselves. Flynn cut a plea deal nearly four weeks ago, so it’s notable that Trump’s team is just now leaking its anti-Flynn strategy. Something has clearly shifted. So what is it?

It’s likely that the Washington Post contacted Michael Flynn’s camp for advance comment on the story before running it. So the strange outbursts from Flynn’s brother and son probably came just after Flynn learned that Donald Trump is about to begin smearing him. Yet oddly, Flynn’s son is still posting pro-Trump propaganda on Twitter; perhaps he’s in denial about what he’s learned Trump is about to do to his father.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report