Donald Trump tips off that he knows Robert Mueller is going to get him on financial crimes

Anyone who has been paying close attention has long known that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump for everything from obstruction of justice to conspiring with the Russians to rig the election. The bigger question has been whether Mueller would also investigate Trump’s long history of criminal financial deals. As per usual, Mueller has given no hint. However, Trump tipped off today that he knows Mueller is coming for his finances.

Today, the Trump Organization officially pulled the plug on the Trump Soho hotel, announcing that it’s severing its financial relationship with the hotel, and that the “Trump” name will quickly be removed from the property. This is far from the first time in which Trump has walked away from an underperforming property. But this one is different. Of all the shady business deals Trump and his family have made over the decades, Trump Soho might be the dirtiest. It was arranged through a man named Felix Sater, who had been convicted for – among other crimes – money laundering in relation to the Russian mafia.

It’s not difficult to see where this is going. Donald Trump is walking away from Trump Soho because he (or one of his kids or handlers, or whoever is calling the shots at this point) has figured out that the property is one of his greatest criminal liabilities. This comes just days after Trump announced that he’s shutting down his legally-troubled charitable foundation. That’s not a coincidence, and it’s far from the last shady financial venture that Trump will lop off from his empire as he tries to insulate himself from what he knows is coming.

The trouble for Donald Trump: by now it’s too late. This is the equivalent of a speeder slowing down after being spotted by the police car. Not only did Trump just tip off that he knows Robert Mueller is investigating his financial crimes, he also tipped off that he thinks Mueller is going to get him for it.

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