As the walls cave in on them both, public feud erupts between Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

Donald Trump, in the midst of arrests and guilty pleas in a Russia scandal that will ultimately lead directly back to him, is watching his world crumble around him by the day. Jared Kushner, who is in such deep trouble that pundits are debating whether they think he’s the next to get arrested, is also in freefall. So how are Trump and his son-in-law dealing with this? By taking it out on each other, in a feud that’s now spilled out into the public.

Trump is now calling up his friends and telling him that he believes Kushner is at fault for the rise of the Robert Mueller probe. Trump blames Kushner for having given him bad advice to fire National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (which turned the Trump-Russia scandal into something real in the minds of the average mainstream American) and to fire FBI Director James Comey (which led to the appointment of the Special Counsel). That prompted Trump’s friends to run to the media to push that narrative.

Numerous friends of Trump are now telling Vanity Fair that Trump thinks everything that’s going wrong is Kushner’s fault (link). Moreover, Trump’s friends wouldn’t be doing this unless Trump wanted this feud with Kushner to go public. Thus far Kushner – who doesn’t tweet and almost never speaks in public – hasn’t yet taken the bait. Nonetheless, this Trump-Kushner feud, or at least one half of it, is now playing out in public. This comes as both men are facing increasingly severe criminal trouble.

Robert Mueller is almost certainly investigating Jared Kushner for his secret meeting with a Russian government lawyer during the campaign, his secret meetings with the Russian Ambassador and the head of a Russian bank during the transition period, his relationship with Russian-tinged Trump campaign data firm Cambridge Analytica, and his shady business dealings. Mueller is investigating Donald Trump for everything under the sun.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report