Russian mafia figure Felix Sater agrees to assist with money laundering probe into Donald Trump’s NYC hotel

Felix Sater has been convicted of financial crimes in relation to the Russian mafia. He’s also gone to prison for an act of violence in a bar fight. Years ago he was revealed as a former (and perhaps still current) FBI informant. And he’s a former longtime business associate Donald Trump, despite the fact that Trump has more recently claimed he had no idea who Sater is. But now Sater can add something else to his resume – and it’s the worst news possible for Donald Trump.

Sater has now agreed to assist with an investigation into alleged money laundering involving the Trump SoHo property in New York City, which is controlled by Donald Trump and his children, according to Newsweek (link). The probe isn’t limited merely to the Trump property, and will instead investigate all of the worldwide investments made by the Kazakh family, which funded the Trump SoHo.

What stands out here is that it confirms Felix Sater is indeed willing to work with government authorities on investigations that involve Donald Trump’s business interests. If Sater is willing to sell out Trump in this fashion, it means he’s willing to help the Feds with everything else he knows about Trump’s long and dodgy financial dealings over a period of decades. That suggests Sater may already be quietly working with everyone from the FBI to the Special Counsel when it comes to the ever broadening investigation into Donald Trump’s lifelong crime spree.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Felix Sater’s willingness to work as an FBI informant in the past in order to keep himself out of trouble. But it helps to confirm just how screwed Donald Trump will be when it’s all said and done, as kingpins like Trump tend to take a fall when their own underlings and associates flip on them.

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