Poor little Donald Trump just got his feelings hurt

In addition to being an aggressively criminal bully with dictatorial aspirations, Donald Trump is a soft skinned whiny loser. Even when he’s viciously attacking people, he’s usually whining the entire time. He’s also clinically obsessed with President Obama. That all adds up to a potentially explosive situation when it comes to Obama and his friend, Prince Harry – so much so that the British government is trying to intervene.

Trump is so deeply despised in the United Kingdom, its government isn’t even sure how to have him visit the country without causing an uprising. In contrast, President Obama is tremendously popular in the UK. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have scheduled their royal wedding for the first half of 2018, they naturally want to invite Obama. The trouble: poor little Donald Trump might get his feelings hurt in the process.

The British government is now urging Prince Harry not to invite President Obama, according to a Politico report (link), for fear that Trump the Infant might get offended. This isn’t shocking, considering that Trump is deeply mentally unstable, and could snap at any time. America’s allies have been tiptoeing around this deranged lunatic all year. But there’s an easier solution.

The royal wedding isn’t set to take place until May of 2018. So all that Americans have to do is oust Donald Trump by that time, and then it won’t matter who gets invited to the wedding. Really, if there’s one thing we can do to repay President Obama for all he’s done for this country, let’s get Trump removed from office, so Obama can attend Prince Harry’s wedding. Do it for Barack.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report