FBI insider: Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner may be arrested on Monday

Based on the confirmed news about Robert Mueller having filed criminal charges in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, we know for all but certain that one or more of Trump’s people will be arrested on Monday. The big question now is who’s getting arrested. A number of developments on Friday pointed to Michael Flynn, while another development pointed to Paul Manafort. However, an FBI insider now says that the most likely individual to be arrested on Monday is someone much closer to Trump himself.

Political insider Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition revealed on Saturday afternoon that he “was just told by attorney who used to work at FBI that Jared Kushner is most likely the one being arrested Monday.” (link). Dworkin cautioned that “My bet’s still Manafort.” As Palmer Report pointed out earlier today, new details about jurisdiction seem to point to criminal charges being simultaneously or successively filed against multiple individuals across multiple grand juries (link) – so it’s entirely possible that we’re looking at multiple arrests this week. So what happens if Kushner is among them?

Donald Trump has already spent months trying to publicly distance himself from Paul Manafort, despite Manafort having been his campaign chairman and campaign manager. That might make it a bit easier, at least in Trump’s mind, to try to brush off Manafort’s arrest. Trump is closer to Michael Flynn, who not only served in the campaign, but went on to become Trump’s White House National Security Adviser before being forced out in scandal. Thus Trump would take the Flynn news harder. However, Jared Kushner is much closer to Trump than nearly anyone else in the Trump Russia scandal – and his arrest could send Trump completely over the edge.


So now we wait to see who gets arrested on Monday. Based on the legal experts Palmer Report has spoken with, it’s highly likely that even Donald Trump’s own associates don’t yet know if they’re among those who are about to be arrested. It’s also highly likely that Trump himself doesn’t yet know.

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