Everything hits the fan

In the behind-the-scenes world of Robert Mueller and his investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, there’s so much secrecy involved, it’s somewhat surprising that we even know Michael Flynn has cut a deal. But he has indeed, and we know that it’s set off a cascading chain reaction behind closed doors, because the resulting chaos is spilling over into the clear public view. In fact, at this point, everything is hitting the fan.

Consider what all has leaked out in the mere four days since Flynn’s deal became public knowledge. Suddenly we’re learning that Flynn was communicating with Jared Kushner while he was also illegally communicating with the Russian Ambassador about sanctions. Flynn’s former deputy KT McFarland admitted in an email that Russia rigged the election for Trump. Kushner, who interfered in a United Nations vote on Israel’s behalf, secretly ran a group that was responsible for illegal Israeli settlements. The NRA was acting as a conduit between the Trump campaign and Russia. The list goes on.

The key here is that however much is surfacing in the media right now, it’s not one tenth as much as Robert Mueller is working with behind the scenes. He was already several steps ahead of the media and the public before he had Michael Flynn whispering the Trump regime’s dirty secrets in his ear. Now that he has his proverbial Cliff’s Notes for the Trump-Russia conspiracy, the gap between what Mueller knows and what the rest of us know has only grown.

There’s a reason everything is hitting the fan right now. The Michael Flynn plea deal was a seismic event in Donald Trump’s universe, and it’s set off shockwaves that are immediately becoming apparent. Trump’s own people are leaking things to try to pin the blame on each other, to prove they deserve the next deal, or simply to try to distract the public from what they know is coming. What’s coming is a tsunami.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report