European intel community said to be preparing to leak dirt on Donald Trump after his attack on NATO

Donald Trump caused several kinds of trouble at today’s NATO summit, offending the United States’ closest allies in Europe in the process. My gut feeling was that the European intelligence community would retaliate by leaking dirt on Trump in the coming days. Now two political pundits are confirming that their inside sources have told them that this is indeed expected to happen.

Trump publicly lectured NATO nations for not paying more money into NATO, essentially accusing them of being cheapskates or moochers. He also told the leaders of other NATO nations that Germany was either “very bad” or “very evil” depending on how you want to translate a German-language report from major German news outlet Spiegel (link). And to add insult to injury, Trump physically shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way so he could be in front for a photo op (link).

After today’s NATO debacle, political pundit John Schindler revealed that he “Just got this msg from a pal who’s a snr Europe scty official: ‘After [Trump NATO speech] it’s obvious he’s Putin’s boy. Now we will act.'” (link). Thereafter, political pundit and MSNBC commentator Rick Wilson went on to confirm this: “The theory that Euro IC gloves are off also extends to a very senior GER govt contact of mine. White. Hot. Fire.” (link/a>) So what might these leaks look like?

There are widespread assertions that the European intel community intercepted various communications between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia during the election, and turned them over to the United States intelligence community rather than making any of it public. But now that Trump is attempting to humiliate NATO members on the world stage, it wouldn’t be shocking to see some of that evidence conveniently leak out to the media in the coming days. We’ll soon find out. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

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