Donald Trump’s worst nightmare: Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are both cooperating in Russia probe

In what cannot be a coincidence, word has simultaneously surfaced today from two entirely different kinds of sources that Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are now both cooperating in the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. It points to not only an acceleration of the probe, but also to a possible strategy of those involved trying to pressure Trump to self destruct.

First came word earlier today from Democratic members of Congress that Michael Flynn had been caught sneaking off to Saudi Arabia for a secret nuclear deal with the Russians (link). But that was just the warm up act. Hours later another Democratic Senator appeared live on CNN and revealed that he believes Flynn has already cut a deal with the FBI (link). Then came word from the Washington Post that Paul Manafort is cooperating with a Trump-Russia subpoena (link). So why is this all happening at once?

On a surface level, it’s further evidence that the Trump-Russia investigation is speeding up as the scandal runs deeper and wider. But it feels like there’s something more to it. Why are Democrats in the Senate suddenly revealing the extent of Flynn’s crimes and their belief that Flynn has already cut a deal with the Feds? What are the odds that news just happened to leak to a newspaper today that Manafort is also cooperating?

The upshot of all these leaks is that two of Trump’s top former advisers are now both cooperating with the investigation, which is clearly bad news for Trump. If these kinds of multi-layered probes, the top boss usually only goes down if the underlings flip on him. And now all this news is suddenly coming out all at once, which should have the net effect of causing Trump to flip out and go further off the deep end. I can’t help but wonder if that’s the goal of those who are putting all this information out there today. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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