Donald Trump silent as Nazis and white supremacists march with torches AGAIN in Charlottesville

Torch-wielding Nazis and white supremacists are back in Charlottesville again, led by infamous white supremacist Richard Spencer, with police on standby, according to a reporter from a local NBC News affiliate. The last time these groups marched with torches in Charlottesville, one of them ended up murdering Heather Heyer in a domestic terrorist attack, and Donald Trump took major heat for defending the white supremacists. This latest incident is unfolding as we speak.

At 7:53pm eastern time, Matt Talhelm of NBC News local affiliate NBC 29 tweeted the following: “HAPPENING NOW: @RichardBSpencer & white nationalist supporters are back with their torches in front of Lee statue in #Charlottesville.” (link). At 7:57pm he added “White nationalists now chanting – ‘We will be back’. About 3 dozen supporters in Emancipation Park. Plenty of police on standby in park.”

Finally, at 8:02pm, he tweeted “UPDATE: After short torchlit protest in front of the tarp-covered Lee monument in #Charlottesville, white nationalists have left the park.” It’s not immediately clear if “We will be back” was a threat that they’ll return tonight, or at another unspecified time down the road. Either way, the nightmare of the original Charlottesville torchlit march and terrorist attack is now playing out again in nearly exact fashion, if apparently on a smaller scale.


Fortunately, there have been no reports that anyone has been injured. One can only hope that Spencer and his white supremacist goons didn’t mean it when they vowed tonight that they’ll be doing this yet again. Meanwhile, even though Donald Trump has tweeted twelve times thus far today, he has yet to tweet a word about this latest Charlottesville incident, as of the time of publication of this article. With this being a Saturday night, it’s unclear how much coverage the mainstream media will end up giving tonight’s Nazi and white supremacist march. photo courtesy NBC29 Charlottesville

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