Donald Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone is back to threatening female journalists

As the Russia scandal continues to close in on Donald Trump and his campaign associates, some of them have begun acting in a manner which suggests they’re feeling the pressure. Trump’s longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone is in the thick of it, amid reports that he’s under FBI investigation and his own admission that he had contact with the Russian hacker who hacked the DNC. Stone has been increasingly acting out by attacking and threatening female political journalists and pundits – and now he’s back at it tonight.

Palmer Report has previously documented Roger Stone’s last big Twitter meltdown, which saw him hurling profane and threatening gender slurs at female political pundits Caroline Orr and Ana Navarro (link). Stone tried deleting the tweets, but so many people reported him for the transgression Twitter ended up suspending him for violating its terms of service. But now Stone is back on Twitter, and he’s back to threatening female political journalists.

This evening Roger Stone tweeted “Hey @LAK12384 I’m watching you and know what you’re up to. Better watch your ass.” The tweet was aimed at political journalist Laura Allison Keiter, who works for Media Matters. In case Stone deletes the tweet, we took a screen capture:

This latest threatening tweet did not contain any specifically sexist material. However, Roger Stone has demonstrated a clear pattern of attacking and threatening female political pundits in a sexist manner, so it’s presumable that his current threat aimed at Keiter is also based on her gender. Palmer Report isn’t the only news outlet to notice the trend, as Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas tweeted that “Twitter should ban this creep [Stone] for this creepy shit.” If you want to report Stone to Twitter for his targeted harassment of Keiter, you can find his Twitter account here.

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