Donald Trump and Jared Kushner privately tried to blackmail Morning Joe over National Enquirer story

It turns out Donald Trump wasn’t merely pulling things out of thin air this morning when he made a bizarre announcement on Twitter about his behind the scenes dealings with the hosts of Morning Joe. Trump claimed that Joe Scarborough had previously called him and asked him to convince the National Enquirer not to run a story about him and his co-host Mika Brzezinski. Now it’s being reported that the situation unfolded quite differently, and that Jared Kushner tried to use it as an opportunity to blackmail Scarborough on Trump’s behalf.

The incredible revelation comes by way of New York Magazine link), which is now reporting that Kushner reached out to Scarborough and told him that a damaging story about him and Brzezinski would be published in the National Enquirer – which is run by a Trump friend – unless he personally apologized to Donald Trump for covering him negatively on MSNBC. Scarborough refused, and sure enough, the Enquirer outed the fact that he and Bryzinski were secretly dating.

In our view, New York Magazine’s version of events is credible for a number of reasons. One is that Donald Trump himself admitted on Twitter this morning that he was involved with the Enquirer story about Joe and Mika. In addition, in August of last year, Trump tweeted that he was sitting on a major secret about Joe and Mika, implying he would release it if they continued to cover his campaign negatively.

We still believe that Trump has renewed his feud with the Morning Joe co-hosts in such absurdly vulgar fashion because he expects a Trump-Russia collusion bombshell to be published imminently and he’s attempting to create a distraction. But in addition to the heat he’s taking for the sheer boorishness of his latest personal attacks, he appears to have just publicly confessed to having committed felony blackmail, in a manner which has now also exposed Jared Kushner for having committed the same. Bring on yet another congressional investigation.

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