Democrat Christine Pellegrino pulls off stunning victory in New York assembly special election

For the second time in a span of hours, the Democratic Party has pulled off a victory in a special election that didn’t initially look to be winnable. Earlier this evening, we reported that Democrat Edie DesMarais had won the race for New Hampshire state legislature in a district that had never been won by a Democrat before (link). And just now, Democratic candidate Christine Pellegrino has been named the winner in a New York state assembly race where she’d been given virtually no chance.

Pellegrino made the announcement about her victory via her own Twitter page this evening (link), flipping the seat for the Democrats and delivering the second blow of the evening to the Republican Party. She went on to post the overall voting totals (link), which revealed that it wasn’t even a particularly close race in the end.

What’s particularly notable about these two Democratic Party victories this evening is that Donald Trump had won both of those districts handily in November. But his erratic and ineffective behavior in office, combined with his exploding scandals, seem to have left his own base hesitant about turning out and voting Republican on this day.

This further points to the Democrats having a strong edge heading into both the off-year elections in November 2017 and the Congressional midterms in 2018. Photo courtesy Christine Pellegrino.

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