Donald Trump posts bizarre tweet, quickly deletes it

Tonight we learned that Donald Trump thinks the battle between the United States and ISIS is actually a battle between him and President Obama. We also learned that Trump thinks 15 and 26 are the same number. We were also reminded that despite all the talk of Trump’s handlers keeping him from blowing things up or tripping over his own shoelaces, he truly is free to do whatever stupid things he wants. That includes posting bizarre tweets containing weird false information, then deleting them, then posting them again with new false information.

Trump tweeted a graphic which claimed to be sourced to the “Defense Department” and consisted of a comparison chart of the progress that has been made against ISIS under Obama and Trump. The first line said “Square miles liberated from ISIS” and listed 26,800 for Trump but just 13,200 for Obama. Then a few minutes later he deleted that tweet, only to replace it with a new version of the chart that had entirely different numbers. This time it listed 15,570 square miles for Trump.

There are so many disturbing things going on here, it’s difficult to know where to start. Where did Trump get these numbers? Certainly not from the Defense Department, considering that by his own admission he was initially off by more than eleven thousand square miles. We’ve seen that he doesn’t have the technical skills required to create a chart like this. Yet when the first chart proved to be fake, he was able to quickly post a newly created chart. This suggests someone is sitting there with him at Mar-a-Lago tonight as he tweets this crap, making these charts for him, yet lacking the sense to tell him to knock it off.


There is also the concern that if Donald Trump truly does believe these numbers are an accurate measurement of winning a military conflict, he has no idea how military conflicts work. Not every square foot of occupied territory takes the same amount of time and effort to liberate. That’s before getting to the fact that Trump got his initial numbers wrong by eleven thousand. This guy isn’t fit to play the lottery, let alone make decisions that affect the fate of the world.

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