Jared Kushner finds his way into even deeper trouble

Jared Kushner has broken so many laws over the past year, it’s difficult to recite them all by memory. But those were mostly lies on paperwork, and sinister as they may have seemed, came with an inherent plausible deniability. Now Kushner is in a different kind of trouble. He’s the most prominent of Donald Trump’s White House advisers to use personal email on the job. Here’s the thing: there’s now proof that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

All the way back in late January, shortly after Trump and his band of merry criminals took over the White House, the National Security Agency is confirmed to have briefed Jared Kushner on why he shouldn’t use personal email on the job (link). He went on to do it anyway, because he thinks the rules and laws don’t apply to him. This means that he can’t possibly use the ‘I’m too stupid and incompetent to have known I was doing something wrong’ defense when it comes to his emails.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, who broke no laws whatsoever with her use of personal email while Secretary of State, the story is more complex when it comes to Kushner and Trump’s gang. But as we’ve been reminded this week by HHS Secretary Tom Price’s private jet scandal, which cost him his job, these things don’t always come down to whether they’re technically legal. These kinds of scandals ultimately get decided by the court of public opinion.

Now that we know for 100% certain that Jared Kushner knew he wasn’t supposed to be using private email for White House business, and that the NSA had told him why he wasn’t supposed to be using it, his email scandal takes on an air of sinister intent. Couple that with his campaign’s decision to (falsely) accuse Hillary of committing crimes by using personal email, and Kushner might as well be Tom Price right now – except Trump can’t dump him as easily.