Controversial Russian, a tenant in Donald Trump’s home of Trump Tower, mysteriously drops dead

During the course of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, several prominent Russians and Russia-connected individuals have died in mysterious fashion, most or all of whom had direct or indirect connections to the scandal and its attempted coverup. It’s believed, but not proven, that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been strategically taking them out to protect himself and/or Trump. Now another prominent Russian has dropped dead, and this time it’s hitting closer to home for Trump – literally.

Boris Kogan is best known for two reasons – well, three reasons as of today. He owned a condo in Trump Tower in New York, which he had in Julia Kogan’s name, until May of this year when he sold it. This means he was a tenant in the same building where Trump lived during the election. He’s also rather famously a Russian arms dealer, having exported Russian weaponry around the world (link). And as of today, he’s mysteriously dropped dead.

The news publication has posted a Ukrainian-language article announcing that Boris Kogan has died (link). The article was first brought to our attention by political researcher Olga Lautman on Twitter. When run through Google Translate, the article says “An unpopular, but influential Odessa businessman Boris Kogan, died of a heart attack in one of the clinics of the Black Sea city.” This is notable because nearly every time a prominent Russian has dropped dead during the Trump-Russia scandal, Russian officials have blamed it on a heart attack, no matter the physical injuries sustained by any of them. Two of them had severe head wounds, yet Russia still insisted they died of heart attacks.

It’s not immediately clear what specific motive Vladimir Putin would have for eliminating Boris Kogan, unless he played a role in the Trump-Russia scandal that hasn’t yet been exposed. While it’s entirely possible that Kogan did indeed die of a heart attack, when placed in the larger context of the trail of dead Russians, his death stands out as suspicious – particularly considering that he was tenant in the building where Trump was living during the election.

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