The dead giveaway that Donald Trump wrote the Devin Nunes memo

The infamous “Devin Nunes memo” was supposed to exonerate Donald Trump and paint him as the victim in the Russia scandal. But the memo has turned out to be such a joke that Trump’s own legal advisers are begging him not release it, and the Democrats are daring him to release it. Now that the memo has backfired on Trump, the big question is whether Nunes illegally conspired with Trump and his White House while crafting it. Today we received a dead giveaway that Trump was directly involved in crafting the memo.

The first clue came yesterday when House Intelligence Committee transcripts revealed that Devin Nunes was asked whether or not he worked with the White House in crafting it, and he buffoonishly replied that he wasn’t willing to say (link). That of course translates to “Yes.” So now we know that Nunes did indeed conspire with the Trump administration. But who specifically in the White House was involved? That answer came from Trump’s own people.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has been getting sloppier with her answers in recent days as the pressure has mounted, announced that Trump hasn’t even read the memo but he definitely wants it released (link). Huckabee Sanders lies all the time, but in this instance there would be no reason for her to lie about this, as it actually makes Trump look stupid. So for once we can safely assume that she’s telling the truth, and Trump truly hasn’t read the memo that he wants to release.

How could Donald Trump know that he wants to bet what’s left of his presidency on releasing a crucial make-or-break memo if he hasn’t even read it? There is only one possible explanation for this, of course: he wrote it. Trump wasn’t sitting there with a typewriter, of course, But he and his people had to have told Devin Nunes precisely what to put in the memo, down to the word. Unfortunately for all of them, that’s felony obstruction of justice – and Robert Mueller only has to get one of them to cut a deal and sell out the others.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report