Congressman says indictments coming in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Rogue Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, already under ethics investigation for having tried to sabotage the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, took his lunacy even further today when he announced a fake investigation into a fake Russian uranium scandal involving President Obama and Hillary Clinton. This will go nowhere. But a Democratic Congressman used it as an opportunity to reveal that indictments are coming in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Congressman Ted Lieu reacted to the news about Nunes by tweeting the following: “Devin Nunes is being stupid. But he now concedes Kremlin tries to collude. He shouldn’t be surprised by coming indictments on Trump-Russia.” (link). Although Lieu didn’t outright say it, many have concluded that Trump sent Nunes out there today to create the phony spectacle because Trump is trying to distract from what he fears are imminent indictments. This would represent a fundamental and dramatic sudden shift in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Once the first indictments land against Donald Trump’s own people, they’ll each have to make a snap decision about whether to flip on Trump in exchange for leniency, or to defend themselves in criminal trials and hope that Trump might pardon them. Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn are widely expected to be included in that first round of indictments. There are recent indicators that other prominent names may end up being included as well.

Donald Trump’s own personal attorney Michael Cohen saw his public testimony before Congress scuttled this week at the last minute, with no reason given. Is this because Special Counsel Robert Mueller is planning to indict Cohen for his role in the scandal? Does it mean Cohen has flipped? In any case, we’re now close enough to indictment time that Democratic members of Congress like Ted Lieu are now willing to talk about it openly, because they know it’s coming.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report