Report: Donald Trump has “completely lost” what’s left of his mind over Robert Mueller’s criminal charges

In the hours since it was revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed criminal charges in the Trump-Russia scandal, Donald Trump’s tweets have been surprisingly tame. In fact they’ve been too tame, suggesting that he isn’t even the one writing them, as his staff may have forcibly intervened. Now comes inside word that behind the scenes, Trump is in the midst of a full scale meltdown with regard to the charges.

Trump’s only tweet last night was about the imaginary Hillary Clinton uranium scandal that he and his cronies invented this week in a desperate attempt at a distraction. This morning he tweeted something nice about President Jimmy Carter and then called it a day. Did he really write these tweets, or has his staff commandeered his phone and begun ghost-tweeting for him? There’s no way of knowing. But this morning, the Democratic Coalition revealed that “Multiple sources say Trump ‘completely lost his mind’ after he found out Mueller’s filed charges & now he’s ‘having an epic meltdown'” (link). Trump has rage and self-control problems, so if he truly is losing it like this, it’s unlikely that he’s anywhere near his Twitter app right now or we’d be seeing the ugly results. So what now?

That may depend partially on who gets arrested on Monday. Various pundits and insiders are predicting it’ll be anyone from Michael Flynn to Paul Manafort to Jared Kushner, and new reports about jurisdiction suggest that multiple arrests may be forthcoming. The arrest of any one of these names could set Donald Trump off – particularly if it’s his son-in-law – and his reaction could range anywhere from deranged tweets to the kind of illegal retaliation that would provoke a constitutional crisis.

It’s important to keep in mind that Donald Trump almost certainly does not yet know who is going to be arrested. He’s sitting around waiting to learn just how bad this is for him, along with the rest of us. No wonder he’s reportedly completely lost it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report