Amid James Comey firing, Senate Intel invokes U.S. Treasury to go after Donald Trump’s finances

Donald Trump tried to fend off the mounting investigations into his scandals by firing FBI Director James Comey today – but it may not matter. In a move which was announced almost concurrently, and may be in response to the firing or may simply be a sign of how far the investigations have progressed, the Senate Intelligence Committee is now invoking the U.S. Treasury to go after Trump’s finances.

The Senate Intel Committee is now leaning on FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the United States Treasury, for all the details it has one Donald Trump’s finances, according to Talking Points Memo (link). FinCEN most typically deals with money laundering.

As Palmer Report previously reported, FinCEN busted the the Trump Taj Mahal for money laundering just before Donald Trump entered the election, at a time when he still owned a major stake in the hotel (link). Notably, Senator Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intel Committee, is making clear that his committee is invoking the Treasury to go after all aspects of Trump’s finances, and not simply as they relate to Russia.

This points to a broad expansion of the ongoing investigation into Donald Trump’s overall history of criminal behavior, and makes clear that simply firing James Comey from the FBI won’t stop what’s in motion. If anything it appears to be merely accelerating the push to expose Trump’s criminality in hastier fashion than ever. Help fund Palmer Report

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