James Comey reveals he leaked word of his Donald Trump memos to get a Special Counsel appointed

Shortly after Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, word leaked to the media that Comey had been writing memos about his conversations with Trump, and that those meetings had been inappropriate and disturbing. During his testimony today, Comey revealed what we’ve suspected all along: he leaked word of his own memos to the media through a friend, in the specific hope that it would lead to the appointment of a Special Counsel.

Comey testified that he shared the story of his memos with an unnamed Columbia Law Professor, with the intent that he would turn around and share it with the media. That ultimately manifested in a New York Times story which cited associates of Comey as the source. Days later, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein turned around appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a longtime close ally of Comey.

Elsewhere in his testimony, James Comey stated that he kept the memos because he was afraid Donald Trump might “lie” about the contents of their conversations. Comey also said he’s “sure” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump for the possibility of obstruction of justice.

Comey’s testimony is ongoing, and is airing live on all major cable news networks, as well as streaming live online at c-span.org.

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