CNN gives its book about Donald Trump a one-word title he infamously can’t spell

Donald Trump decided today that he’s really unhappy with a book that he thinks was “just released” even though it came out a month ago. But he hopes the book “does well” for unstated reasons, even though he thinks the book cover is the “worst.” If you’re confused, don’t worry, so is Trump. And he still hasn’t figured out the joke is on him, because the book about Donald Trump has a one-word title which just happens to be a word that he can’t spell.

The book in question was released by CNN on December 6th, and purports to tell the tale of how Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Based on how rarely CNN bothered to cover the election in a factually accurate manner, we can’t imagine the book is much more accurate. But Trump isn’t complaining about its contents. And considering that he just now found out that a major news outlet released a book about him a month ago, it’s a given that he hasn’t read it anyway. Instead he’s complaining about the cover photo. But it’s the name of the book that should unnerve him.


We all saw the tweet last month in which Donald Trump used the imaginary word “unpresidented.” We all made fun of him for it. Merriam-Webster Dictionary even made fun of him for it. He was almost certainly trying to go with “unprecedented” but had no idea how to spell it. And as it turns out, CNN’s book about Trump is called “Unprecedented.” The book was released before Trump’s flub, so the joke is only coincidentally on him – but he still hasn’t figured it out.

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