CNN to Eric Trump: “You guessed wrong”

Even as Donald Trump finds new ways to humiliate himself every day, and Donald Trump Jr has been laying low while hoping to avoid going to prison for Russian collusion, America was in danger of forgetting that Eric Trump was supposed to be the dumb one. No worries, however, because Eric has stepped up to remind us how he got that reputation to begin with – prompting CNN to quickly put him in his place.

After Donald Trump announced that he was donating $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief, his son Eric immediately tried to politicize the donation. He tweeted “So proud!!! Let’s see if @CNN or the #MSM acknowledges this incredible generosity. My guess: they won’t…” (link). It turns out there was one little problem with Eric’s premise.

CNN used its @CNNPR account to reply to Eric Trump on Twitter, saying “You guessed wrong. We covered the pledge online and on-air well before your tweet.” It included photos documenting the multiple instances in which it had covered the donation. For good measure, CNN also included an emoji of someone smacking his own forehead. That was enough to silence Eric, who had no response. But it was just the beginning of the troubles surrounding the supposed donation in question.

After Eric Trump got done falsely accusing CNN of not having covered his father’s million dollar donation to Hurricane Harvey relief, the real story began to emerge. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted under pressure from the media that she wasn’t sure if the donation was coming from Donald Trump’s own pocket or from his Trump Foundation. The trouble: that foundation has been defunct for years, and is currently under investigation for fraud by the Attorney General of New York. So if Trump’s “donation” is coming from his foundation, then there is no donation. No wonder Eric Trump was defensive about it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report