Rachel Maddow thinks this Trump-Russia news is such a big deal, she called in to her own show while out sick

Rachel Maddow is winning the cable news ratings battle by every possible measure, as she continues to lead the pack in reporting on the Trump-Russia scandal. But she’s been out sick for the past week, with Ari Melber filling in for her on MSNBC. Maddow is on the mend, still not ready to return to work. But she viewed the latest Trump-Russia development to be such a big deal, she called into her own show last night to discuss it with Melber.

The big news in question is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now rapidly seizing control over numerous aspects of the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, while also broadening the scope of his investigation. Mueller is now taking over the Michael Flynn grand jury in federal court. He’e taking over the ongoing investigation into Paul Manafort’s activities. He’s even targeting Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his involvement in James Comey’s firing.

Here’s the clip of Rachel Maddow calling into her own show to discuss the Robert Mueller news with guest host Ari Melber:

Melber promises that Maddow is on the mend, and that she’ll be back on the air soon. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report