Donald Trump’s team caught buying off Republican Congressman who attacked Robert Mueller

Over the past few weeks, certain Republicans in Congress have suddenly decided that they have no greater goal in life than dishonestly attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Some of them, including Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy, have presumably done so because they were on Trump’s compromised transition team and are therefore suspects in the Trump-Russia scandal. However, another GOP Congressman appears to have an entirely different motivation for joining the hit squad.

Ron DeSantis, an obscure Republican Congressman from Florida, suddenly came out of nowhere this month to become a leading voice in attacking Mueller. He’s taken his attacks to cartoonish levels, raising the question of what’s been motivating him. It’s not self preservation, as he has no known connection to the Trump-Russia conspiracy. Instead his motivation is now becoming clear. Trump recently rewarded DeSantis by endorsing him in the 2018 race for Governor of Florida. Far more importantly, Trump’s team of billionaire backers has come together to fund his campaign.

Politico has connected the dots and confirmed) that the DeSantis for Governor campaign is being funded by nearly the exact same cadre of puppet masters who control Donald Trump. By now you know the names: Rebekah Mercer, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess and others. So now we know why DeSantis has come out of nowhere to lead the charge in falsely attacking Mueller for Trump’s benefit. Trump’s own people are paying him to do it.

Now comes the question of whether Ron DeSantis is violating the law by engaging in this scheme. It’s certainly not illegal to accept massive campaign donations from billionaires, even though it should be. But if it can be demonstrated that DeSantis is conspiring to obstruct justice by dishonestly sabotaging Robert Mueller, which would be felony, then it could be argued that Trump’s team is furthering that illegal conspiracy by paying DeSantis to do it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report