Russian officials caught bragging about the blackmail material they claim to have on Donald Trump

Amid all the controversy this week surrounding Donald Trump’s predictable yet inexplicable decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, a key development in the Trump-Russia scandal went almost unnoticed. Russian government officials have been caught bragging about the blackmail material they claim to have on Trump and some of his top aides.

It hasn’t (yet) been revealed what the blackmail material in question is, with CNN reporting that it’s merely “derogatory” in nature (link). As the report points out, it’s not a certainty that this material even exists, as the Russian officials could theoretically have been dishonestly bragging about material that they don’t actually have. But that feels like an unlikely scenario. Bragging internally about imaginary material would make no sense.

Instead, this represents near-confirmation that the Russian government does indeed have some sort of blackmail material on Donald Trump and some of own key people. Precisely what was this material? Does is align with the assertions made in former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s infamous Trump-Russia dossier, or is this something different? Did the Russians actively use this blackmail material to steer Trump and/or his associates during the election? If not, did Trump and his team know that Russia had the material when they made their pro-Russia decisions?

For now, this brings more questions than answers. But it does lend credence to the long running unproven assertion that the Russian government was holding some kind of blackmail material on Donald Trump and his campaign – which would go a long way to explaining how things played out the way they ultimately did. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

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