Report: multiple Donald Trump White House staffers planning to quit and write tell-all books

With Donald Trump’s approval rating imploding and his scandals exploding, there has been widespread buzz for weeks that he’s looking at changing out large chunks of his White House senior staff in the hope of resetting the narrative. But now comes word that some of those staffers may be looking to beat him to the punch – and that they’re planning to cash in on it at his expense.

That’s the word from respected political insider Jon Cooper, who revealed today that “A usually reliable source told me that 2-3 White House staffers are planning to quit and write tell-all books. Expect more bombshells” (link). This dovetails with several existing reports about various staffers being on their way out. And it also aligns with the reality that most of Trump’s senior staff, by virtue of having repeatedly lied on his behalf and ruined their own reputations, may never be able to find meaningful work on a political staff again.

If you’re one of the faces of Donald Trump’s sinking White House, and your reputation has been dragged down with him to the point that no politician or candidate is going to be willing to hire you any time soon, one quick and easy way to fix that is to write a tell-all book. We’ve seen it before on the part of departing White House staffers. It just typically hasn’t happened this soon in an administration. And those staffers have never departed with this much explosive source material at their fingertips.

We don’t know who the staffers might be who are planning to quit and write the tell-all books. But in terms of who seems likely to exit the White House soon, you might start by looking at the beleaguered likes of Reince Priebus or Sean Spicer. Right now, a tell-all book from insider in Trump’s dying White House is the last thing he needs. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report