As the walls cave in on the Donald Trump administration, Betsy DeVos prepares her resignation

Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wants you to know that she’s going to resign, and she really wants you to know that she’s resigning because she’s frustrated with her inability to change things from within. The timing of her message is noteworthy, considering that the walls are caving in on the Trump administration as we speak – and her given reason for her exit may not be what it seems.

There’s a lengthy new profile from Politico which details why DeVos is on the way out the door, and from reading the piece, it becomes clear that she was behind the publication of this story (link). In other words, she’s trying to write the narrative of her departure, before anyone else can write it for her. But this comes just days after the first arrests and guilty pleas have begun in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, and DeVos has an indirect but bizarre connection to that scandal.

Back in February, Palmer Report connected the dots between the Russian email server in Trump Tower and a health care company in Michigan whose board of directors is controlled by the DeVos family (link). One month later, CNN confirmed that the FBI was investigating the Trump Tower server in question, and noted the server’s connection to DeVos (link). There has never been any indication that DeVos herself was under investigation, and it’s unclear if the FBI investigation into the Trump Tower server is still ongoing. However, the timing does raise questions.

Betsy DeVos may simply be resigning, as she wants you to believe, due to her frustration on the job. Considering how ugly things are now getting for Donald Trump, she could be resigning because she thinks his administration is about to implode anyway. And considering the timing, with all the Trump-Russia secrets now surfacing in the wake of the arrests, some will at least ask the question of whether DeVos might be trying to get out before she gets sucked into the Russia investigation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report