Devin Nunes goes totally berserk in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

We all remember Devin Nunes, the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who acted so unethically in trying to protect Donald Trump in the Russia scandal that he ended up having to recuse himself. Now Nunes is back, claiming that he never actually recused himself, and he’s begun taking recklessly berserk actions that are setting off all the alarms.

After having been booted off his own committee’s Trump-Russia investigation, Nunes has decided to essentially begin running his own rival investigation. He’s misusing his position as committee chairman to unilaterally issue subpoenas without even so much as informing the Republicans or Democrats on his committee. In fact Nunes has even sent a subpoena to Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to a CNN report (link), in a move so nefarious and nonsensical it’s as if James Bond fell down and hit his head.

Even at a time when the entirety of the United States government is in danger of veering out of control thanks to Donald Trump’s unprecedented instability, the actions of Devin Nunes are almost uniquely out of control. He’s now basically trying to run his own shadow government, having decided apropos of nothing that he personally has authority over everyone from the Attorney General to the Director of the FBI. It appears no one is willing to play with ball with Nunes’ nonsensical subpoenas, which are largely just being ignored. But it’s coming very close to a point where Nunes will have to be forcibly ousted.

The only way to shut down Devin Nunes’ deranged (and probably illegal) antics is to remove him as Chairman of the House Intel Committee. The only person who can do that is Speaker Paul Ryan, yet he’s refusing to do anything. That makes Ryan complicit in Nunes’ berserk crime spree, and raises the question of why Ryan seems to want Nunes out there trying to sabotage the Russia investigation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report