Roger Stone, who seems to think he’s getting arrested, goes berserk after being banned from Twitter

Various associates of Donald Trump reacted in various ways to the news that arrests were about to get underway in the Trump-Russia scandal. Trump’s former campaign adviser and longtime personal friend Roger Stone reacted by tweeting so many threats, profanities, and homophobic slurs that he was promptly and permanently banned from Twitter. However, that didn’t shut Stone up – and after he was banned, he managed to go even more berserk.

This all suggests that Roger Stone fears he’s about to get arrested. He also appears to have completely snapped once he realized that the walls are caving in on his buddy Trump. In any case, after Stone lost his @rogerjstonejr account, he set up camp on his secondary Twitter account called @StoneColdTruth. That’s when he announced that he’s suing Twitter for having banned him, and then he went down a profoundly bizarre rabbit hole.

At one point Stone was accusing Hillary Clinton of being a mass murderer or serial killer. At another point he claimed Lyndon Johnson murdered John F. Kennedy. Then he depicted himself as Obi-Wan Kenobe from Star Wars. Stone is only still relevant in the sense that he may end up being charged and arrested in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, due to his communications with the Russian government hacker who stole emails from the Democratic National Committee in an effort to aid Trump. So we’ll keep observing his ongoing meltdown for now, at least until his backup Twitter account is banned as well.

Roger Stone already had his secondary Twitter account established before his first account was permanently suspended. So it’s not clear if Stone is violating Twitter terms of service by tweeting at all, or if he has to say something inappropriate on his secondary account before it gets banned as well. In any case, feel free to report his secondary account to Twitter for violation of terms of service. You can find it here.

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