As the Trump-Russia scandal explodes, Donald Trump hires attorney with RICO experience

Here’s how you know just how serious and explosive Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has become, and how much he’s worried about it: he just hired an attorney to personally represent him when it comes to the Special Counsel’s investigation into the scandal. But in the process, Trump may have given away what he fears the most about the investigation, based on what the attorney in question is most experienced at – and it’s not Russia.

Trump has retained attorney Marc Kasowitz to personally represent him in the Trump-Russia scandal, according to a news blip from Reuters this evening (link). This is not a surprise, as Trump has used Kasowitz to represent him in other legal matters in the past. In fact, under the “Notable Representations” section of Kasowitz’s website, the first listing is “President Donald J. Trump in a wide range of litigation matters for over 15 years.” But keep reading that same page on his site, and you may see why Trump is calling this particular attorney out of the bullpen at this time.

“Marc regularly serves as national trial counsel in complex litigation in the areas of bank finance, fraudulent conveyance, RICO, corporate governance, antitrust, securities, mass tort, product liability, environmental, breach of contract, and other commercial cases,” his website reveals. “Marc also has an extensive and successful track record in dealing with investigations and lawsuits by state attorneys general.” In case you didn’t pick up on it, we’ve placed the most intriguing portions in bold text.


Donald Trump has hired an attorney in Marc Kasowitz who doesn’t appear to have experience in representing those whose political campaigns have been accused of improperly communicating with hostile foreign powers and such. Instead, Trump has hired an attorney with expertise in defending clients against RICO cases and action brought by state attorneys general. This sounds a lot like Trump may be most worried about the prospect of the Special Counsel uncovering evidence of RICO (money laundering) in Trump’s businesses – and that he may also be worried about New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman getting involved with the case against him.

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