WikiLeaks cyberterrorist Julian Assange makes bizarre panic move

Julian Assange is the founder of cyberterrorist group WikiLeaks. He’s also a puppet of the Russian government, and he’s partly responsible for helping Donald Trump and Russia rig the 2016 election. Assange has long been holed up in the basement of an embassy, for fear he’ll be arrested. As we keep waiting for someone to bring this criminal to justice, he just made a bizarre panic move which suggests he thinks someone is closing in on him.

Assange has long used Twitter to push his propaganda and lies. But on Christmas Eve, he deleted his entire Twitter account. Several users mistakenly believe he’s been suspended, but that’s not the case. Suspended accounts say “This account has been suspended.” Assange’s account says “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist.” The only way for that to happen is if the user changes usernames or deletes the account, or if some hacker maliciously deletes the account. There is no evidence that Assange has shifted to a new username. And if a hacker did take down his account, Assange would likely be using other means to shout from the rooftops about it. Yet there’s been nothing from his camp so far. It very much appears he’s simply deleted his own account. So what’s he doing?

That’s a good question. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating a number of Trump-Russia plotlines that lead to Assange’s doorstep, so it seems inevitable that Mueller will bring some sort of criminal charges against him. However, as long as Ecuador refuses to kick him out of its embassy, he’s seemingly safe from arrest. Everyone knows where Assange is, so it’s not as if deleting his Twitter account would make him any safer – unless, of course, he’s leaving the embassy and making a run for it.

But really, we don’t yet know what’s going on. All we know is that Julian Assange has panicked for some unknown reason and deleted his entire Twitter account. By the time you’re reading this, it’s possible he’ll have reinstated his own account. But for now, at least, there’s no question that it’s gone poof. What’s he up to? What’s got him so worried?

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