Congressman confirms Articles of Impeachment are being drafted against Donald Trump

Since Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey and then admitted he did it to try to sabotage the investigation into his Russia scandal, the word “impeachment” has been spoken more frequently on Capitol Hill. With the subsequent revelation that Trump had improperly leaned on Comey and the heads of two other agencies to try to make the scandal go away, the “I” word has become more commonplace. And now one Congressman has confirmed that Articles of Impeachment are being drafted.

Not surprisingly, that word is coming from Representative Al Green, who was one of the very first to call for Trump’s impeachment in the wake of the exploding scandals. Green told CSPAN that “We will move forward, and as a matter of fact, I am currently crafting, drafting if you will, Articles of Impeachment” (link). It’s not yet clear which other House members may also be working on Rep. Green’s Articles of Impeachment, but the process of crafting them is clearly underway.

In order for impeachment hearings to get underway in the full House of Representatives, 218 members would need to vote in favor of those hearings. At present, that would require more than twenty Republicans to join all of the Democrats in voting yes. To date, the only Republican Congressman to publicly talk seriously about impeachment has been Justin Amash of Michigan. But there are likely other Republicans from moderate districts who are willing to vote yes, either by conscience or because they believe it gives them the best shot of reelection in 2018, and simply haven’t said as much out loud yet.

As Palmer Report reported last week, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu has gone so far as to confirm that he’s studying the impeachment process (link). This is key because he sits on the House Judiciary Committee, where Articles of Impeachment must be approved before making it to a full House vote. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report