Jeffrey Epstein claims additional Trump people were in on his plea deal

Ten days after his arrest on charges of sex trafficking of minors, Jeffrey Epstein is already mounting his defense in court. His argument thus far centers around the notion that the charges should be thrown out because they’re a “do-over” of the criminal case that was brought against him a decade ago, which resulted in an absurdly lenient plea deal. In the process of this argument, he’s making some disturbing accusations.

By now everyone is aware that Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, who resigned over the weekend, was the U.S. Attorney who spearheaded Jeffrey Epstein’s lenient plea deal, which merely landed him in a work-release “prison” for a short time. What’s still far from clear is who else in the federal government might have been involved in the decision to let Epstein off the hook – but now Epstein and his legal team are naming names.

According to the Washington Post, Epstein’s legal team is claiming that Sigal Mandelker is one of the people at the DOJ who signed off on the lenient plea deal. This is eye popping, because Donald Trump ended up appointing Mandelker as Under Secretary of the Treasury. Epstein is also claiming that Alice Fisher signed off on the deal, which is also eye popping when you consider that according to Politico, Donald Trump interviewed Fisher to be FBI Director. Again, this is on top of Trump having appointed Alexander Acosta as his Secretary of Labor.

Fisher is telling the Washington Post that she did not approve the Epstein deal. There’s obviously a paper trail for this kind of plea deal showing who was and was not involved, and it’ll surface. If Epstein is falsely accusing these people, it’ll only make his legal troubles even worse. What stands out is that Epstein and Trump clearly have conflicting goals here

Jeffrey Epstein is trying to prove that some of the people currently running the federal government are the same people who already gave him a plea deal, and thus they shouldn’t get to bring new charges against him for the same crimes. That’s a feeble argument that’s unlikely to go anywhere, but it’s all that Epstein has left. It just so happens that in the process, Epstein is pointing to additional Trump people who were (allegedly) in on the original plot to let Epstein off the hook. This whole thing is getting uglier by the minute.