Yet another key Donald Trump adviser hit with subpoena

Donald Trump and his advisers are already in a panic, with two of them under house arrest, a third having pleaded guilty, and a number of others facing the possibility of arrest at any moment. Now, with Trump stuck halfway around the world on an overseas trip and unable to coordinate what’s left of his scandal gameplan, yet another subpoena has been sent to a key Trump adviser – and this one could end up leading to serious trouble for Donald Trump himself.

Earlier this year Carl Icahn, a famous financial investor, abruptly resigned from his position as an economic adviser to Trump. In his resignation letter, Icahn sought to minimize the role he had played in the Trump administration. Now we know why: according to a CNN Money report (link), the Feds are investigating whether Icahn may have used his role to influence Trump into making decisions beneficial to Icahn’s firm. What does this have to do with the Trump-Russia scandal and investigation? Nothing – but it doesn’t have to.

Icahn is a public figure who won’t want to get himself or his company dragged any more deeply into this mess than he has to. Now that his company is being subpoenaed in relation to his role as a Trump adviser, he’ll likely seek to cooperate by whatever means possible. If he is indeed facing any legal or perceived culpability for his actions, his quickest way out of it would be to simply agree to share everything he knows about his time with Trump.

Even at a time when various Donald Trump campaign advisers and associates are trying to decide whether to cut a deal in order to protect themselves with regard to their roles in the Trump-Russia scandal, now Trump has to worry that Carl Icahn could also end up selling him out. When the walls cave in, they tend to cave in quickly.

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