‪After she bailed on Donald Trump’s Asia trip, Melania mysteriously turned up alone in Alaska‬

During Donald Trump’s Asia trip, his wife Melania stayed behind in China while he traveled on to Vietnam to meet with Vladimir Putin. The official story was that she wanted to visit the zoo, which sounded suspect to begin with, particularly as it came out of nowhere without any public announcement in advance. Now we know that Melania traveled home from Asia by herself, and she ended up in Alaska of all places.

Melania Trump stopped in Alaska on Friday, November 10th, on her way home from Asia. The official explanation was that her plane needed to refuel, and she used the time to visit an elementary school, according to a report from Alaska Public Media (link). Trump also tweeted about it the night before (link), though at the time it wasn’t clear from his tweet that she was abandoning the Asia trip to go to Alaska, only that she would be going there at some point. This means that Melania didn’t merely take a few days away from Donald in order to visit a Chinese zoo, as the administration claimed at the time. In actuality she bailed on the entire remainder of Donald’s Asia trip, and she traveled home alone. There’s more.

As Palmer Report pointed out at the time, something was very off about Melania’s decision to bail on Donald’s trip to begin with. The split wasn’t originally known to have been part of the schedule, and it came off like an arbitrary excuse. Just hours later, Donald posted his first reckless tweets of the entire trip, and they ended up being arguably his most berserk of all time (“haters and losers” and “short and fat” etc), suggesting that either she bailed because he’d gone off the deep end, or she bailed and it caused him to go off the deep end.

Now we know that Melania Trump didn’t just go to the zoo. She decided to get away from Donald Trump for the entire remainder of his Asia trip. It’s plausible that her plane really did need to refuel in Alaska, but at this point it sounds like she may have simply been looking for an excuse to stay away even longer. We’ll keep digging.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report