Yes, Robert Mueller is going to take them all down

It’s not that difficult to figure out, really. We learned all we needed to know when Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed that he had forced low level Donald Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos into a plea deal after catching him lying to the FBI. It was the most clinical of crimes, yet Mueller didn’t hesitate to use it to his advantage. That clue alone is enough to tell us what comes next with regard to the bigger fish whose fate we care about.

Jeff Sessions lied under oath to the Senate about his own meetings with the Russian Ambassador and his knowledge about other Trump campaign meetings with the Russians. That’s a felony. Do you really think Robert Mueller won’t nail Sessions for it? Of course he will. Sessions committed a crime, so Mueller will indict him for it, if he hasn’t already. The same goes for Jared Kushner, who lied about his Russia meetings on his White House security clearance form. Another felony, another indictment.

Mueller clearly doesn’t care about whether the public, or history, judges him to have been overly harsh in his tactics. He threatened to ruin the life of a nobody like Papadopoulos, who was barely even a player in the scandal, just so he could flip and get to the next domino. He’ll do the same to everyone else involved. Half a dozen or more of Trump’s White House advisers helped him plot the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the cover up of Donald Trump Jr’s Russia meeting, or both. Mueller will hit every last one of them with the threat of conspiracy to obstruct justice charges, to force them to flip.

Of course Robert Mueller is only doing this because he knows in the end he’ll need as many cooperating witnesses against Donald Trump as possible. He has to convince the court of public opinion that Trump is overwhelmingly guilty. He’s already shown us he’s willing to be brutal, if ultimately fair, when it comes to getting there. So yeah, Mueller is going to take them all down. It’s just a matter of who cuts a deal, and who rots in prison, on Mueller’s way to taking down Trump.

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